Welcome to the Clarkson Family Tree!

The interactive family tree below displays four generations. Click on a name to view details for that person and additional family tree information, including descendants and earlier generations. Most individuals in the direct line also have a life story narrative and photo gallery on their page. Sources, including census records, birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, and newspaper articles are also provided.

The most reliable information is for Generations 1 through 3, though there are still some uncertainties there. The information for more distant generations is frequently based on information from family members or other people’s family trees, often without other documentation, which we continue to pursue. An effort has been made to highlight factual uncertainties in the life story narratives attached to individual tree entries. Please post to the Clarkson Family Facebook page if you have corrections or additional information (events, stories, photos, documents, etc.)

If you have had an Ancestry DNA test done (or would like to have one done), please let Elaine Barger Sebald know, so we can get your test results attached to the family tree. DNA information can be used to validate relationships to members of the family tree and may provide clues regarding more distant generations.

Here are quick links to items of special interest:

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