Bolig, Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Bolig
b: 1836
Frederick Bolich
18 NOV 1770 - 05 APR 1855
Henry Bolich
1810 - 22 Sep 1853
Peter Gehlwich
Abt 1776 - Bef 1861
Elizabeth Gehlwich
Abt. 1805 - 04 May 1880
Susanna B.
Abt 1786 - Aft 1859
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Henry Bolich
Birth1810Pennsylvania, United States
Death22 Sep 1853 Union County, Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage30 JAN 1831to Elizabeth Gehlwich at Union County, Pennsylvania
FatherFrederick Bolich
MotherChristina Hubener
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Gehlwich
BirthAbt. 1805Pennsylvania, United States
Death04 May 1880
Marriage30 JAN 1831to Henry Bolich at Union County, Pennsylvania
FatherPeter Gehlwich
MotherSusanna B.
FCatharine Bolick
Birth1834Middle Creek, Snyder County, Pennsylvania
Death1899Hancock County, Ohio, USA
MarriageAbt. 1855to Simon Kister at Pennsylvania
MElias Bolick
Birth12 August 1837Middle Creek, Snyder County, Pennsylvania
Death27 March 1886Hancock County, Ohio, USA
Marriage09 May 1872to Ada Elizabeth Musser at Hancock, Ohio, USA
MJohn Bolig
Birth19 JAN 1834
Death11 FEB 1864
FRachel Boalich
Birth1827Union County, Pennsylvania
FElizabeth Bolig
Birth1836Union County, Pennsylvania
DeathIndiana, United States
MHenry Bolick
Birth03 FEB 1844Union County, Pennsylvania
Death25 Oct 1884Wichita, Kansas, USA
MWilliam Bolich
Birth1831Union County, Pennsylvania
Death01 Jan 1873Pennsylvania, USA
FCarolina Bolich
Birth30 May 1834Union, Pennsylvania, USA
Death17 Aug 1911Middlecreek, Snyder, Pennsylvania, USA
FHarriet Bolich
Birth1839Middlecreek, Snyder, Pennsylvania, USA
Death1926Mishawaka, St Joseph, Indiana, USA