Breen, Georgena

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Georgena Breen
b: Jul 1886
William Breen
Jan 1852 -
Georgena Breen
Jul 1886 -
Samuel Hendy
1829 - 8 Mar 1903
Sarah Jane (Sally) Hendy
30 Dec 1858 - 30 Dec 1915
Catherine (Kate) Hart
25 Dec 1829 - 14 Jul 1924
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Breen
BirthJan 1852Ohio
Marriage1878to Sarah Jane (Sally) Hendy
PARENT (F) Sarah Jane (Sally) Hendy
Birth30 Dec 1858Cincinnati, Madison, Ohio, USA
Death30 Dec 1915
Marriage1878to William Breen
FatherSamuel Hendy
MotherCatherine (Kate) Hart
MFrank B Breen
Birth9 Jul 1894Ohio
Death29 Mar 1984Wabash, Wabash, Indiana, USA
FAeolian C Breen
Birth30 Apr 1892Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA
Death22 Apr 1992Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA
FGeorgena Breen
BirthJul 1886Ohio
MWilliam Frank Breen
Birth29 December 1883Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA
Death20 February 1967Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA
FAdalaide Breen
BirthMar 1879Ohio
FEstella (Stella) M Breen
Birth3 Nov 1889Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA
Death12 Aug 1970Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA
Marriageto Edward Louis Berry