Cable, Jacob

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Jacob Cable
b: 1781
d: Feb 1833
Jacob Cable
1781 - Feb 1833
Daniel Baker
1729 - 1790
Mary Elizabeth Baker
16 Oct 1761 - 1850
Mary Wight
1733 - 1790
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Casper (Kaspar) Cable (Goebel)
Birth1755Rodenhausen, Marburg-Biedenkopf, Hessen, Germany
Death3 Nov 1826 Dry Run, Johnson County, Tennessee, USA
Marriage1780to Mary Elizabeth Baker at Baker Farm, Piedmont, North Carolina, United States
MarriageABT 1775to Mary Elizabeth Baker at , Watauga, North Carolina
PARENT (F) Mary Elizabeth Baker
Birth16 Oct 1761Randolf, Maryland, United States
Death1850 Dry Run, Johnson, Tennessee, USA
Marriage1780to Casper (Kaspar) Cable (Goebel) at Baker Farm, Piedmont, North Carolina, United States
MarriageABT 1775to Casper (Kaspar) Cable (Goebel) at , Watauga, North Carolina
FatherDaniel Baker
MotherMary Wight
MJacob Cable
Birth1781Piedmont, Randolph, North Carolina, United States
DeathFeb 1833Monroe, Kentucky, United States
Marriage1807to Nancy Bollinger at Carter County, Tennessee, USA
FHettie Cable
Birth1813Ashe, North Carolina, United States
Death1860Carter, Tennessee, United States
FSarah Sally Cable
Birth1794Boone, Watauga, North Carolina, United States
Death1860Johnson City, Washington, Tennessee, United States
MConrad "Koonrad" Cable
Birth1787Beaver Dam, Watauga, North Carolina, USA
Death1858Johnson City, Washington, Tennessee, United States
MJoseph E Cable Sr
Birth1791Boone, Watauga, North Carolina, United States,
DeathABT 1882Wolfe, Kentucky, USA
MJohn Cable
Birth3 Mar 1788Piedmont, Randolph, North Carolina, USA
Death1827Thompkinsville, Monroe, Kentucky, United States
FElizabeth Cable
Birth15 Mar 1785Huware, Randolph, North Carolina, United States,
Death31 March 1859Red Brush, Johnson, Tennessee, United States
MPeter Cable
Birth20 Dec 1792Piedmont Heights, Guilford, North Carolina, United States
Death27 Jan 1866Cades Cove, Blount, Tennessee, United States
MDaniel Cable
Birth1803Asheboro, Randolph, North Carolina, United States,
Death1850Johnson City, Washington, Tennessee, United States
MBenjamin Caesar Cable
Birth30 Sep 1789Randolph, Tipton, Tennessee, USA
Death1863Carter, Johnson, Tennessee, United States
MCasper Cable, Jr.
Birth5 Mar 1798Asheboro, Randolph, North Carolina, United States
Death18 Oct 1884Johnson City, Washington, Tennessee, United States
MSamuel C Cable
Birth11 Jan 1796 or 5 Mar 1798Randolph, North Carolina, United States
Death24 Dec 1887Hazel Creek, Swain, North Carolina, USA
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Jacob Cable
Birth1781Piedmont, Randolph, North Carolina, United States
DeathFeb 1833 Monroe, Kentucky, United States
Marriage1807to Nancy Bollinger at Carter County, Tennessee, USA
FatherCasper (Kaspar) Cable (Goebel)
MotherMary Elizabeth Baker
PARENT (F) Nancy Bollinger
Birth1790New Tazewell, Claiborne County, Tennessee, USA
Deathaft 1870 Thompsonville, Monroe, Kentucky, USA
Marriage1807to Jacob Cable at Carter County, Tennessee, USA
MStephen C. Cable
Birth02 Apr 1823Hyden, Tennessee, USA
Death14 Jul 1918Hewins, Chautauqua County, Kansas, USA
MarriageSep 24, 1849to Rachel Spear
Marriage31 May 1894to Minta M Williams at Chautauqua, Kansas, USA
Marriage15 Apr 1861to Nancy Ellen Combs at Monroe County, Kentucky, USA
MJacob Cable
Birth1 Jul 1819Carter, Tennessee, United States
Death14 Oct 1899Wolfe, Kentucky, United States
MJoseph Alfred Cable
Birthabt 1820Dry Run, Johnson Co, Tennessee, USA
Death1857Butler,Johnson Co., Tennessee, USA
MJohn Cable
Birth1824Tennessee, USA
Deathmoved West and was killed by the Indians in the desert
FNancy Cable
Birth10 Aug 1825Carter, Tennessee, United States
Death10 Dec 1909Cherokee, Cherokee County, Kansas, USA
MSamuel Cable
Birth15 Oct 1816Carter County, Tennessee, USA
Death3 Dec 1868Osage Iron, Camden, Missouri, USA
MPeter V Cable
Birth12 Mar 1822, , Tennessee, USA
Death17 Nov 1882Camden County, Missouri, USA
MHenry Bruin Cable
Birth15 Oct 1818Perry, Carter, Tennessee, United States
Death1860/1869Sagrada, Camden, MO
MHiram Cable
Birth12 Jun 1813, , Tennessee, USA
Death1883Waverly, Spokane County, Washington, USA
MJefferson Cable
Birth17 Dec 1810, Barren or Monroe Co., Kentucky or Tennessee, USA
Death4 Nov 1891, , Kentucky, USA
MGeorge Washington Cable
Birth1807Carter County, Tennessee, USA
Death15 Dec 1853Monroe County, Kentucky, USA
Marriage20 Jul 1837to Jane Gentry at Barren County, Kentucky, USA
FElizabeth Cable
Birth30 Nov 1808Carter County, Tennessee, USA
Death04 Aug 1886Cedar Vale, Chautauqua County, Kansas, USA
FSarah Cable
Birth1814Carter County, Tennessee, USA
FMartha Cable
Birth1831Tennessee, USA
FHester Ann Cable
Birth1 Jul 1825TN
Death25 May 1900Camden, MO
Descendancy Chart
Jacob Cable b: 1781 d: Feb 1833
Nancy Bollinger b: 1790 d: aft 1870
Stephen C. Cable b: 02 Apr 1823 d: 14 Jul 1918
Rachel Spear b: Dec 28, 1822 d: Sep 14, 1860
Sarah Elizabeth Cable b: 19 Jun 1853 d: 16 July 1938
Daniel Hestand Rush b: 08 Oct 1849 d: 27 Nov 1932
Celesta Rachel Rush b: 29 October 1882 d: 4 May 1968
George Beuoy b: 5 March 1878 d: 6 November 1947
Howard George Beuoy b: 8 Apr 1902 d: 31 May 1980
Jessie Evelyn Early b: 12 May 1902 d: 11 May 1994
Geraldine Jessie Beuoy b: 26 Jul 1925 d: 21 Jan 2013
Richard Howard Beuoy b: 11 Jul 1929 d: 25 Jul 2006
Helen Beuoy b: 1900 d: 1944
Waynoka P Beuoy b: 10 Aug 1904 d: 19 Feb 1941
Carl Frederick Beuoy b: 14 October 1906 d: 22 May 1959
Charles Hiram Rush b: 1888-08-27 d: 01 Nov 1968
Rebecca Rush b: 08 Mar 1885 d: 08 Apr 1964
Daniel Rush b: 04 Nov 1879 d: 06 Nov 1975
Nancy Ellen Rush b: 1878-02-08 d: July 25, 1954
Mary Elizabeth Rush b: 1875-06-04 d: 1967
Isaac Stephen Rush b: 1871-06-25 d: 08 Aug 1931
William Jefferson Rush b: 11 Aug 1873 d: 1952
Homer Joshua Rush b: 1890-08-03 d: 02 Feb 1952
Nancy T Cable b: 16 Jul 1856 d: 01 Jul 1932
Bennett Jefferson Cable b: 27 Jan 1855 d: 03 Apr 1945
Phillip Peyton Cable b: 15 Oct 1858 d: 18 Feb 1958
Minta M Williams b: 6 May 1841 d: 18 Dec 1923
Nancy Ellen Combs b: 11 Nov 1823 d: 15 Jun 1892
William Sherman Cable b: Aug 1865 d: 4 Nov 1939
Mary Catherine Cable b: 15 Jan 1862 d: 11 Jun 1952
Hiram Willis Cable b: 4 May 1863 d: 6 JUL 1950
Laura Cadella Shinkle b: 24 Oct 1868 d: 5 April 1943
Fern Cable b: 25 Apr 1892 d: 04 May 1944
Ona Louise Cable b: 21 March 1890 d: 14 April 1957
Simon Elsworth Barger b: 1 Mar 1887 d: 05 Dec 1966
Chester Elsworth Barger b: 9 Mar 1909 d: 6 October 1976
Kathryn Lois Goodno b: 20 Oct 1908 d: 1 Jan 1996
Aldine Hill b: abt 1912
Maxine Josephine Davis b: 6 Jun 1914 d: 15 Nov 2003
Louise Iona Barger b: 15 Aug 1915 d: 14 Jul 2001
Fred E Howard b: abt 1911
Harold L Howard b: abt 1935 d: Abt. 1999
Cecil Vernon Barger b: abt 1912
Ronald Boyd Barger b: 29 Jun 1937 d: 4 Feb 2007
Jacob Cable b: 1 Jul 1819 d: 14 Oct 1899
Joseph Alfred Cable b: abt 1820 d: 1857
John Cable b: 1824
Nancy Cable b: 10 Aug 1825 d: 10 Dec 1909
Samuel Cable b: 15 Oct 1816 d: 3 Dec 1868
Peter V Cable b: 12 Mar 1822 d: 17 Nov 1882
Henry Bruin Cable b: 15 Oct 1818 d: 1860/1869
Hiram Cable b: 12 Jun 1813 d: 1883
Jefferson Cable b: 17 Dec 1810 d: 4 Nov 1891
George Washington Cable b: 1807 d: 15 Dec 1853
Jane Gentry b: 1818
William A. Cable b: ABT. 1838 d: 1870
Nancy Jane Cable b: 1850 d: 24 Nov 1921
Thomas M. Cable b: 1845
Joseph S. Cable b: 1840 d: Oct 1879
Elizabeth Cable b: 30 Nov 1808 d: 04 Aug 1886
Sarah Cable b: 1814
Martha Cable b: 1831
Hester Ann Cable b: 1 Jul 1825 d: 25 May 1900