Keeling, Broadus Gaines

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Broadus Gaines Keeling
b: 2 Jan 1817
d: 29 Aug 1895
William Keeling
1755 - 1823
Thomas Keeling
1773 - 7 Oct 1856
Polley Perry
1755 - 1809
Broadus Gaines Keeling
2 Jan 1817 - 29 Aug 1895
Edward Gaines
1751 - Aug 1799
Sarah Ann Gaines
1775 - 1840
Susannah Wilson
1755 - 1830
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas Keeling
Death7 Oct 1856 Perry, Illinois, United States
Marriage7 Nov 1798to Sarah Ann Gaines at Orange, North Carolina
FatherWilliam Keeling
MotherPolley Perry
PARENT (F) Sarah Ann Gaines
Birth1775Orange, North Carolina, United States
Death1840 Perry, Illinois, United States
Marriage7 Nov 1798to Thomas Keeling at Orange, North Carolina
FatherEdward Gaines
MotherSusannah Wilson
FNancy N Keeling
Birth1816Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, United States
Death1 Sep 1877Perry, Illinois, United States
FNancy H Keeling
Birth1808Jackson Co., TN
Death1 Sep 1877Perry Co., IL
FSarah Keeling
Birth1824Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, United States
Death1899Perry, Illinois, United States
FMartha Patsey Keeling
Birth1815Jackson Co., TN
Deathaft Jul 1860
MLarkin Firl Keeling
Birth1818Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Death19 Feb 1863Jefferson G H Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Marriage12 Jun 1844to Anna Washburn at Perry, Illinois, USA
FMariah Keeling
Birth1817Jackson Co., TN
Death1880Jackson County, Tennessee, United States
FElizabeth Keeling
Birth21 Feb 1821Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, USA
Death4 Apr 1894Joplin, Jasper, Missouri, USA
FMelvina Keeling
Birth1809, , North Carolina, USA
Death1880Clay Co., TN
MBroadus Gaines Keeling
Birth2 Jan 1817Jackson, Tennessee, USA
Death29 Aug 1895Jackson, Tennessee, USA
Marriage04 Dec 1836to Mary Elizabeth Hicks at Jackson, Tennessee, USA
FMary Woodford Keeling
Birth1803Orange, North Carolina, USA
Death10 Jan 1885Tamaroa, Perry Co., IL
MLeonard Logan Keeling
Birth1795North Carolina, USA
Death14 Jan 1852Perry, Illinois, United States
Marriage2 Jan 1835to Deborah Perkins at Perry, Illinois, USA
Marriage1825to Deborah Perkins at Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
MWilliam Eli Keeling
Birth27 Apr 1814Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Death26 Dec 1897Moline, Elk Co., KS
Marriage13 Mar 1870to Julia Ann Smarr at St. Clair Co., MO
Marriage18 Oct 1855to Melissa Miles at Perry Co., IL
Marriage28 May 1833to Elizabeth Hull at Perry Co., IL
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Broadus Gaines Keeling
Birth2 Jan 1817Jackson, Tennessee, USA
Death29 Aug 1895 Jackson, Tennessee, USA
Marriage04 Dec 1836to Mary Elizabeth Hicks at Jackson, Tennessee, USA
FatherThomas Keeling
MotherSarah Ann Gaines
PARENT (F) Mary Elizabeth Hicks
Birth1817North Carolina, USA
Death02 Jan 1896 Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, United States
Marriage04 Dec 1836to Broadus Gaines Keeling at Jackson, Tennessee, USA
MZachariah Taylor Keeling
Birth07 Oct 1847Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, USA
Death6 Sep 1920Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, United States
FSarah Belle Keeling
Birth16 Mar 1841Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, United States
Death19 Apr 1919Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, United States
MJames Keeling
Birth1838Jackson, Tennessee, USA
Death1850Jackson, Tennessee, USA
MAlvin Newton Keeling
Birth1842Jackson, Tennessee, USA
Death1890Jackson, Tennessee, USA
FMary H Keeling
Birth04 Jul 1851Jackson, Tennessee, USA
Death07 May 1930Jackson, Tennessee, USA
FEliza Jane Keeling
Birth12 Feb 1837Whitleyville, Jackson Co., Tennessee, USA
Death20 May 1909Bearcreek, Cedar, Missouri, United States
Descendancy Chart
Broadus Gaines Keeling b: 2 Jan 1817 d: 29 Aug 1895
Mary Elizabeth Hicks b: 1817 d: 02 Jan 1896
Zachariah Taylor Keeling b: 07 Oct 1847 d: 6 Sep 1920
Sarah Belle Keeling b: 16 Mar 1841 d: 19 Apr 1919
James Keeling b: 1838 d: 1850
Alvin Newton Keeling b: 1842 d: 1890
Mary H Keeling b: 04 Jul 1851 d: 07 May 1930
Eliza Jane Keeling b: 12 Feb 1837 d: 20 May 1909