Keeling, Manerva C.

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Manerva C. Keeling
b: 1844
d: Aft. 1850
Thomas Keeling
1773 - 7 Oct 1856
William Eli Keeling
27 Apr 1814 - 26 Dec 1897
Sarah Ann Gaines
1775 - 1840
Manerva C. Keeling
1844 - Aft. 1850
Richard Anderson Hull
1775 - 30 Dec 1838
Elizabeth Hull
31 Aug 1813 - 28 Oct 1852
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Eli Keeling
Birth27 Apr 1814Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
Death26 Dec 1897 Moline, Elk Co., KS
Marriage13 Mar 1870to Julia Ann Smarr at St. Clair Co., MO
Marriage18 Oct 1855to Melissa Miles at Perry Co., IL
Marriage28 May 1833to Elizabeth Hull at Perry Co., IL
FatherThomas Keeling
MotherSarah Ann Gaines
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Hull
Birth31 Aug 1813Perry Co., IL
Death28 Oct 1852 Perry, Illinois, United States
Marriage28 May 1833to William Eli Keeling at Perry Co., IL
FatherRichard Anderson Hull
MotherNancy Ann Stockstill
FEliza J. Keeling
Birth6 Jan 1846Perry Co., IL
FManerva C. Keeling
Birth1844Perry Co., IL
DeathAft. 1850
MJohn B. Keeling
Birth1849Perry Co., IL
DeathAFT 1880
MWilliam A. Keeling
Birth1841Perry, Pike County, Illinois, USA
DeathAFT 1850Illinois, USA
FSarah Jane Keeling
Birth29 Nov 1836Perry Co., IL
Death23 Apr 1915Howell Co., MO
MThomas Benton Keeling
Birth22 Apr 1843Tamaroa, Perry, Illinois, United States
Death18 Sep 1907Chautauqua, Chautauqua, Kansas, United States
MRobartus DeCobb Keeling
Birth11 Sep 1836Perry, Illinois, United States
Death6 Nov 1890Niotaze, Chautauqua, Kansas, United States
Marriage23 Apr 1868to Kiturah Ann Gibson at Allen, Kansas, USA