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Anna O''Dea
b: Abt 1868
John O''Dea
2 Jun 1802 - Sep 1872
Patrick J O''Dea
Jan 1833 - 14 Oct 1908
Mary Mullowney
11 Sep 1802 - Mar 1883
Anna O''Dea
Abt 1868 -
Katharine Rafferty
Mar 1834 - 1910
Honora Cullinan
Sep 1799 - 28 Sep 1870
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Patrick J O''Dea
BirthJan 1833Galway Co., Ireland
Death14 Oct 1908 Littleton, Wetzel, West Virginia, United States
Marriage02 Feb 1857to Katharine Rafferty at Ireland
FatherJohn O''Dea
MotherMary Mullowney
PARENT (F) Katharine Rafferty
BirthMar 1834Tuam, Galway County, Ireland
Death1910 Littleton, Wetzel, West Virginia, USA
Marriage02 Feb 1857to Patrick J O''Dea at Ireland
FatherThaddeus "Timothy" Rafferty
MotherHonora Cullinan
FSarah Josephine (Sallie) O\\'dea
Birth19 Oct 1857Melick, Galway, Ireland
Death13 Jan 1927Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma, USA
Marriage9 Oct 1879to Thomas Michael Clarkson at Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia, USA
FAnna O''Dea
BirthAbt 1868West Virginia, USA
MLawrence Joseph O''Dea
Birth9 Oct 1860Galway, Ireland
Death28 Nov 1936Wetzel, West Virginia, United States
Marriage8 Oct 1893to Julia Frances Lavelle at Wetzel, West Virginia, United States
FKatherine (Katie) O''Dea
Birth22 Dec 1870Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States
Death6 Apr 1950Corpus Christi, Kleberg, Texas, United States
FMary Magdaline O''Dea
Birth17 Oct 1858Melick, Galway Co, Ireland
Death14 Feb 1923Littleton, Wetzel County, West Virginia, United States of America