Rafferty, Daniel

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Daniel Rafferty
b: abt 1856
William Rafferty
Mar 1822 - 13 May 1910
Honora Cullinan
Sep 1799 - 28 Sep 1870
Daniel Rafferty
abt 1856 -
Margaret Clishiam
May 1822 - 28 Jul 1904
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Rafferty
BirthMar 1822Tuam, Galway, Ireland
Death13 May 1910 Weston, Lewis, West Virginia, USA
MarriageAbt. 1853to Margaret Clishiam at Virginia, United States
FatherThaddeus "Timothy" Rafferty
MotherHonora Cullinan
PARENT (F) Margaret Clishiam
BirthMay 1822Tuam, Galway, Ireland
Death28 Jul 1904 Two Lick Run, Lewis Co., W.Va.
MarriageAbt. 1853to William Rafferty at Virginia, United States
MDaniel Rafferty
Birthabt 1856Virginia
MWilliam Rafferty
Birth11 May 1858Camden,Lewis, WV, USA
Death8 Jan 1954Camden,Lewis, WV, USA
Marriage20 Oct 1896to Maryann Cecelia Cummings at Lewis County, West Virginia, USA
MTimothy Rafferty
Birth9 February 1854Weston, Lewis, West Virginia, USA
Death13 Dec 1943Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia, USA
Marriage17 Apr 1877to Mary Ann Dolan at Gilmer Co., West Virginia